1. I can't see all old logs right after I install the app
    • If you choosed upload all old logs then please wait a few minutes for uploading them (depend on the number of logs)
  2. I can't get device's location
    • If you device is not enable Wi-Fi & mobile network location, you may can't get device's location
    • Old Android versions: Settings -> Location & security settings -> Check on Use wireless networks
    • New Android versions: Settings -> Location access -> Check on Wi-Fi & mobile network location
    • Note: By using Wi-Fi & mobile network location instead of GPS, we may can't get 100% exactly device location but it will save your battery (never harm battery) and no GPS icon shows on notification bar. This is the main reasons for us to avoid GPS on this app.
  3. I can't see messages or call logs are uploaded to my account
    • Your device must have internet connection and it may take up to 2 minutes to start upload your logs
  4. I can't install on my device
    • Make sure your device run Android version 2.2 or above
  5. I can't uninstall the app
  6. How can I install the app on another device not my own?
    • You need to have the device. You have no way to make a remote installing
  7. How to re-install the app when it has been uninstalled?
  8. Will the app run after rebooting?
    • Yes, it will
  9. How many devices I can manage per account?
    • Unlimited
  10. How many logs SmartphoneLogs can save?
    • Up to 60 days
  11. How many request I can send to device?
    • Unlimited
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