Features of SmartphoneLogs:

  • Backup all text messages and calls
  • Hidden voice recoding 
  • Hidden call recording
  • Invisible mode
  • Login by username and password (no email required)
  • No Adware 
  • Remote uninstalling, remote control 
  • GPS and Location Tracker with map (Where is my child now?)
  • Unlimited logs, location request and voice record
  • Easy to use
  • Spy multi devices with just one account
  • All contents are encrypted on cloud

Recent changes:

  • Record now up to 4 minutes (instead 2 minutes)
  • Call recording up to 20 minutes (instead 10 minutes)
  • Recording error fixes, record from & record to will be merged to record a phone number (then you don't need to care about incoming or outgoing call, just set the number you want)
  • Text messages and call logs will be uploaded in real-time. They're uploaded to your account even when they're deleted after sending or calling
  • Reset recording. If you have problem with recording, use it you should
Note: do not use Smartphone Logs for cheating or spying girlfriend, boyfriend. Sms (message/text) logs, call logs, location request and voice record are now supported on most popular phones. This is a free app but you maybe limited some features when you have too many logs. Privacy Policy - Terms of use
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